Being present in today’s society is becoming increasingly difficult.

Whether we are worrying about our next steps in our career, sobriety or family; focusing on the here-and-now can feel virtually impossible.

When we are struggling with addiction, thinking too far into the future can be an exceedingly overwhelming task. The thought of living the rest of our lives substance free is a daunting task.

One of my favorite phrases dealing with this topic is, “Be here now.” It is actually engraved in a ring that I wear on my thumb.

Life comes at us fast, and we feel the need to prepare and stress about what is coming next. But, in this process, we miss so many of the beautiful things in life. We may miss the smile our significant other gives to us when we come home from a stressful work day. Or, we miss the beauty in how the sun hits the trees as it tucks itself behind the horizon before setting.

When we play the tape forward, it takes us out of the present moment and can cause even more anxiety than we already feel.

Whether you are taking your recovery one second, minute, hour, or day at a time, your job is to keep yourself sober for that period of time. And if you can keep yourself from drinking for 10 minutes, try another 10. See how it feels. And give yourself the necessary congratulations when you make it past these goals.

Sobriety can be scary, but it definitely does not suck.

I urge you to “Be Here Now.” Do not sell yourself short by thinking too far ahead.

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