The majority of AMIRF’s efforts have migrated to Here we will post blogs, update you on where and when Tim is speaking, and his recent media appearances.

This website is also a great way to reach out to Tim if you are looking for him to speak at one of your events.

Feel free to explore the new website and let us know what you think. We are excited to see what is in store.






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5 thoughts on “Check out our New Website!

  1. I read your book From Dope to Hope. I loved the way it was laid out. One of the nurses where I work is reading it now. Please write more.

  2. My niece and mother of 4 children has gotten out of rehab 4 the 4 time. I would like get information on where the kids can go for counseling in the Chicago area.
    I will get her your book and pray she and my nephew will also get help and read the book
    Thank you

  3. Tim
    My son Jim, is currently in Cook County Jail and asked me to get your mailing address. He just finished your book and would like to write you.
    He is in Jail for theft related to Heroin. He has been on this dope train for about 10 years.

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