AMIRF Testimonials

What People Are Saying

I am currently in Illinois. A little over 2 years ago I had contacted you when I wanted to get clean and sober. I live in Minnesota. You gave me your phone number. I had contacted you regarding treatment centers because I wanted to be near my family. After my treatment in patient I was looking for a sober home. Funds were a huge factor. You graciously offered to pay for a bed for me. Thank you so much for all the positive motivation and service work with a huge amount of gratitude. I have been clean a little over 2 years now, by the grace of God. I still have many struggles like everyone else but I learned to work through them. Im am so blessed and grateful for my sobriety. The best gift ever. I am sorry I rambled on. I just want to thank you. When my dad heard you speak at his church, he bought your book and when you spoke you gave him hope and learned not to enable me, which that part I didnt like so much, lol. But that day was the beginning of my journey towards recovery!
It all started through you. Thank you. God Bless you!

Man in recovery has educated me on the disease of addiction you helped my son in to a facility for treatment. Love everything about your organization. Cant thank you enough. -P.F.

You helped my cousin. Sent him to Oaks. He’s been off heroin now since Easter 2018. Only family member I have that’s been saved. -R.H.

Helped send me to the owls nest in 2016…been sober since!!!!! -M.P.

It was the first support group my husband and I attended. We originally came to learn how to use narcan, but stayed for the fellowship, hope and much needed knowledge about addiction. Jessica and Brad helped me to understand addiction and also that I needed to help myself. Thank you. -J.M.

You first an foremost are AMAZING friend. You have been there for my bubba ! Saved his life . I know he was the one who had to do the work but you were there not once , twice, but 3 times . I know l could call you an you would ALWAYS answer. Thank you ! An God Bless -J.C.

4 years ago I was helpless, leaving the hospital after being told I’d need a liver transplant after 7 failed suicide attempts. I entered treatment again on my knees and I was at my bottom. The past 4 years I’ve learned so much about life, myself, and what recovery is really about. I still struggle with coping at times and I openly admit I still have character defects and flaws but I try and work daily all while working full time, juggling 2 littles with autism and a teenager and 8 year old. I’m not perfect but as they always say “your worst day sober is still better then your best day high” and it’s so true. I don’t post this to boast my sobriety but to give others hope that it is possible. Once you learn it’s a YOU problem and not a substance issue and a coping issue a lot of your perspectives change. I’m still as vulnerable as the person who just picked up from their dealer or just picked up their first white chip. It’s one day at a time, one minute at a time, ONE SECOND at a time. Keep on keeping on bc too many people are dying from this and I’m glad to have given my life another chance. I’m proud of myself for still doing the damn thing and being the best mom I can be. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ -K.R.

Helped me from Akron to South Carolina because the journey i am on now had to be different then before and i needed time away to figure that out…also the man behind this foundation has been nothing short or a great friend and my brother…love ya

#ChinUpChestOut -R.R.

You spoke at my old high school, you introduced me to Brandon Novak and you’ve both spoke to me when I was struggling. I’ve written an essay about you, Tim Ryan, and all the things you’ve done.
You’ve introduced me to Randy Grimes, Connie Panopoulos Gyorr, and you’ve done amazing things for addicts to find recovery! -B.H.

As the mother of an addict. Faith to keep fighting and Never give up because we are not alone and our battle is not alone. My son is finally in a 2 yr.program and 6.5 months clean. Longest ever 🙏 at 27 yrs.old from 9 yrs.old. I adopted him at birth as an addict and I am so very proud of him. Thank you for your friendship. God bless you all XOXO -M.M.

Your support group was the first one I attended. I came thinking I would find help for my son and find out how to “fix” him. What I learned from you, Brad, Jessica, and others was how to create and live with boundaries. How to stop enabling my son. I met many wonderful people living in recovery and many wonderful parents and family members. So many of us have stayed in touch and went on to start family support groups in our local community. Thank you for leading the way with AMIRF support group. -S.S.

Saved a life! So instrumental in the recovery process—-will be eternally grateful! -M.M.

Saved my life brother. And now I pay it forward. Al says hi. Love ya Tim Ryan -T.B.

Answered the phone on the first or second ring and directed us to treatment for our son. Twice. Thank you! -M.T.

You’ve helped me personally as a mother of a son that’s an addict-I read your book and also ordered one for my son while he’s incarcerated -T.M.

As a probation officer, our resources are so scarce. My heart and soul goes into helping and less “punishment”. I’ve had a few probationers get help from you. I wish there was more I could do… -K.M.

Helped my brother, and by the sounds of it from his comment on your previous post, it continues to help him in life. For that I am grateful. -P.M.

Without A Man In Recovery and Tim Ryan we would have not been able to have a proper goodbye for my sister who we lost to a heroine overdose after a long five year battle. So grateful for all you do to help those that most people would rather not even look at. #blessed -T.J.

You help by bringing awareness, education, resources and inspiration! Thank u -A.J.

I’ve seen it help SEVERAL people….God Bless y’all -A.F.

He helped me get 800 miles from Louisiana to south Carolina to a recovery home he also helps me by seeing he way of life.. He helps me with the positive posts. -S.M.

You have helped educate us, as loving parents & grandparents. -P.L.

I asked for help for my brother, I got a response with resources within an hour of my post. 😊 -D.G.

Helped send my daughter to Transformations in 2016 -D.A.

Gives me hope..And I pray that my daughter reach out to you -T.B.

He’s always been there for me and my son, even though I lost him… he tried to help us. He immediately came to our rescue. Unfortunately I couldn’t get anyone else on board with me and I lost my son. But the foundation gives me hope and always has…. all I have now…. -S.F.

Gives me hope! ❤️ -S.E.