Foundation Mission

The primary mission of AMIRF is to help people suffering from an alcohol or substance use disorder. Therefore, we are here to help people learn to live a life of recovery. And the foundation also understands that this is a family disease and the family needs recovery too. So, we believe the most effective approach is to help one struggling person, and one struggling family at a time. Our goal then is to guide them “from dope to hope”.

We focus on awareness, prevention, education, and resources. That’s why AMIRF offers a family addiction support group, where the whole family can learn and heal together in a stigma free environment. AMIRF also participates in speaking engagements and educational programs.  We are always consulting with good local and nationwide treatment centers. AMIRF will offer discounted services for those without insurance coverage whenever possible. The foundation will also help pay for transportation to treatment.  And AMIRF helps people leaving treatment find and pay for sober living. We believe sober living is often the bridge between treatment and recovery. Financial assistance is on a case by case evaluation, and as funds are available.